We go out of our way to stock the highest quality flooring options so you can create your elegant retreat with confidence.

Our passion for quality flooring and installation has been handed down for generations.

Bob Jr. grew up around the retail business. He understands flooring trends and knows quality materials and he's always on the lookout for the best products at the best prices. He has the connections with reputable area craftsmen who will install your floors with excellence and care.

Your flooring choices set the tone for your room. You want your investment to stand the test of time, to add the most value to your home. It should suit the look you want while fitting your lifestyle and budget. We can help you find what you need to create your dream home.

Residential Spaces

Girl playing video games in Living Room

Homeowners want the best value possible when investing in their homes. Let us help you shop with confidence. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales personnel will guide you through flooring options to bring a unique and elegant touch to your home.

We don’t just sell flooring—we see your project through to the end, with professional and experienced installers making sure that your selection is properly installed to your satisfaction.

Custom Hand-Bound Area Rugs

Bobs Custom Area Rugs

Elevate the comfort and design of your space with a custom-bound area rug. Turn any of our berber, plush, shag, woven and wool rugs into the piece that ties your room together.

You select the pattern, color and texture, and we will cut it to the size and shape you need--right here in our store. We will then hand-bind it to create a long-lasting, elegant finish.

Commercial Spaces

Local Companies

Over the years, we have partnered with dozens of local companies to create environments that serve their clients or customers. We have experience professionally installing floor coverings in all types of commercial buildings for beautiful, long-lasting results.


Why do so many builders recommend us to their clients? Because we understand the importance of building or remodeling your home correctly the first time. Our staff work directly with builders to make sure your home is completed within your timeline and to your expectations with floor coverings to last for years to come.

• Restaurants

• Offices

• Clinics

• Schools

• Retail Stores

• Hotels

• Banks

• and more…